Thursday, 22 October 2015

Remember your first?

On occasion to gather perspective and reflect on the lessons I've learned from my past, I go back into my archives and remember the first time I ever went to a yoga class.

It was literally a life changing experience. I remember being nervous with the other students in class and unsure about the yoga mat beneath me. I couldn't take my eyes off the teacher and was in awe of his presence and the things he was saying. I remember gasping for air once we got to Surya Namaskara B (sun salutation B) and shaked like a leaf in Down Dog, which the teacher described as a "resting pose".

"Holy shit, this is a RESTING POSE!)", I screamed in my head.

As class progressed, I continued to watch the other students in the room and was inspired by their focus and ability to move gracefully within their bodies. I remember feeling insecure with my body. When we finally (75 mins later) laid down for Savasana (corpse posture), I collapsed in a pile of my own sweat an wept. Literally bringing to the surface years of pent up sadness and self loathing. That moment in Savasana, I remembered how badly I wanted to live a life full of love and feel apart of the greater whole. I now, in this moment, remember, I am loved and apart of the greater whole. 

What do you remember? What have you learned on this path, so far?

With you on this path,

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