Thursday, 26 November 2015

Own your breath

"Own your breath and nobody can steal your peace" - author unknown

This is one of my favourite quotes. In my experience of practicing breath techniques constantly over the years, I can confidently say this statement is true. It's also the main inspiration behind many of my breath initiated videos I've filmed for

Link on the links below to try these videos for yourself. 




I hope you'll take some time through out this busy time of year to own your breath so you can cultivate peace.

With you on this path,

Thursday, 12 November 2015

This Day

This day of Remembrance should be a daily practice. This day to honour and remember those who walked the earth before us and fought for our freedom and those that right in this very moment are also fighting for peace should be a reminder on how we show up daily.  To show up peacefully in all we do, to behave in a way that creates peace for those around us and to treat ourselves with peace. 

As I walked away from the school assembly yesterday I felt a huge responsibility. A responsibility to these hundreds of children that are singing and dancing and asking for peace. All children want and all children should have peace, freedom and love. We are born knowing and needing this and somewhere along the way it can get lost. It is up to us as adults to live in a way that helps these children to continue to strive for peace, to see the good first and to honour the lives that have been lost or forever changed because of conflict.

It is a daily practice. It is moving, breathing and talking in a way that would make past, present and future peace keepers proud. It is our responsibility to take what we have been given and treat it with respect, knowing it is a gift.

May we all have freedom, may we all have peace and may we all have love.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Teacher Feature - Anne Jones

We want to tell you more about the incredible teachers on our website, so we've decided to do a variety of teacher features. 
We thought it fitting to begin with Anne Jones, as she was one of the first teachers to sign on with us and has been a staple ever since. We lovingly call her "30 min Anne" because of the various 30 minute classes she has on

Anne is not only a yoga teacher but she's also a Registered Massage Therapist, experienced Zumba fitness instructor, personal trainer, and ex-competitive dancer with more than 10 years dance experience. She works and lives in Surrey, B.C with her fiancĂ© Mat and fur babies Kenzie (dog) and Mokie (cat). 

Anne's number 1 goal is to help people feel good and live healthy lives. One of the driving forces behind this goal stems from when Anne was born. She was born with a musculoskeletal condition that required surgery at 10 months old. She has been fighting her body back into alignment and ease ever since and found yoga to relieve her pain more than anything else. You can experience your own relief with a variety of Anne's yoga videos. 

Anne's not only known for her physical ability (she sure is fit) but also her vast knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and different approaches to functional movement and rehabilitation. We can't say enough good things about Anne and her contribution to the yoga community as a whole. 

Now go enjoy one of her classes. We personally love her "Hamstring class for beginners"class or her "cross training for life" class.  

We Love you Anne,
The team