Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Shop local - support Canada (read to the bottom for something special)

We're proud to be a Canadian company. A company that supports Canadian yoga teachers and studios. Every time you watch a video you support that teacher and studio, as they receive royalties from your viewing. So from all of us at, THANK YOU for buying local and supporting the Canadian yoga industry. 

We're also excited to support other great Canadian companies doing interesting things. In the past we've mentioned BMat an incredible natural rubber Canadian yoga mat company. Along with Mala Collective a fair trade Mala and clothing company. Remember Heart & Lotus the local BC woman making beautiful unique jewelry? Well we have another Canadian company we want to spotlight. 

So to properly introduce you to this wonderful Canadian company we did an interview with Peter from the VANCITY BOX, here in Vancouver, B.C..

1. Tell us about your company: We are a subscription box company that features locally-made crafts and goods, created by small businesses in Vancouver. It is a way to promote our community's businesses, discover hidden treasures in our city, and encourage people to shop locally. Plus, who doesn't love receiving gifts every month?

2. How do you stay inspired in your business? I'd say I get inspired the most by the small businesses I work with. Talking to them and seeing their passion really drives me to be just as passionate as they are. One thing I've noticed in Vancouver's start-up community is that we all love helping each other out and you never know what you can learn from someone until you sit down with them and get to know each other.

3. Tell us a typical day in your shoes? Everyday is different. Some days I'm pitching proposals to companies, some days I'm building boxes, and other days I'll just decide to take a nap! You need to rest your mind and body once in awhile so you don't burnout!

4. How do you rejuvenate when life gets busy? Hide my phone and go for a walk. Fresh air helps me think and not having my phone disconnects me from all the things I have to do, temporarily! 

5. Do you have any daily rituals or mantra's that serve you? My personal mantra is pretty generic, cheesy, and maybe even lame but it definitely works for me... Never give up! There are going to be a lot of bad days but there are also going to be a lot of good days. As long as you keep working at it, it'll all be worth it.

6. How do you find balance in your life both personally and in business? Finding balance is about dedicating certain days to specific tasks and ignoring everything else. If I am having a personal day, I'll try my best to avoid reading my emails, although it is very tempting.

7. Tell us of a personal or business struggle that lead to personal growth or empowerment? I've always struggled to talk to people but after starting my own business, I was forced to step outside my comfort zone and now pitching and talking to people is no problem at all! YEAH!

Thank you Peter for taking the time to talk with us and for helping people see the value in supporting Canadian businesses.

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