Monday, 12 September 2016

Challenge with a twist

We are so excited to announce our first ever Instagram Challenge. We didn't want to do the standard 'ol yoga challenge so we are doing one with a twist. Our #EmbodiedIntention challenge is all about how certain words make you feel and what that looks like to you.

From September 15th until September 30th, we will post the "word of the day" on our Instagram feed and, should you wish to play along, you post what that word means to you visually. In order to be entered into the contest portion of the challenge simply do the following:

2.) Tag @yogotv and @neulotus in your post
3.) Use the hashtag in your description #yogotv

These are the only daily requirements for the 15 days of the challenge and get you entered for a chance to win a yogo subscription and a NEUlotus yoga prop! YAY!

Looking forward to embodying yoga with you via Instagram. 

Love the team

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